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1 10 2009

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting The Melbourne Dérive. For more information abut the project go to the “About” tab above this post.

If you’re interested in a specific episode the best way to check it out is by clicking on the drop-box to the right of this that says “Select Category”.

Each episode has a name so it’s easy to find which one you want.

Feel free to write questions or comments and I’ll get back to you. Enjoy your dérive (drift) around Melbourne.


Episode 10: Cheap student services

30 09 2009

In this episode I went to Biba Hair Academy for a cut and colour then interviewed the teacher at the end of it. I wanted to find out where else to go for cheap student services so I had a chat to some local Melburnians.

Episode 10

Student services

30 09 2009

Here are some of the places you can go for discounted rate for services put on by students and apprentices.

Biba on Swanston st by Tessa Mudge

Andrew- talent

30 09 2009

Andrew is a teacher at Biba Academy. He’s been teaching there for two and a half years and teaches both cutting and colouring.

Biba is across the road from RMIT on Swanston st, and offers discounted salon services.

Andrew trained overseas in London.

All the services at Biba are salon quality, they just take a little longer. So take a good book.

Biba by Tessa Mudge

Biba Entrance by Tessa Mudge

Episode 9: Bikes

30 09 2009

David fixes up, and alters bikes for a hobby. He has quite a collection and gives us an insight into the Melbourne bike scene. I chat to some cyclists to see what they think of Melbourne bike culture.

Episode 9

Useful bike links

25 09 2009

If you’re looking for bike shops in Melbourne check out this google maps link.

Bicycle Victoria has a pretty comprehensive website. With links to some of the organised events going on, practical advice on where and how to ride safely. You can become a member too.

If you don’t have your own bike you can hire them or take a tour around Melbourne.

Bike Fun is a website that promotes cycling and organises lots of bike-related events.

And Melbourne Bike Polo, is simply polo on bikes. Lots and lots of fun from what I’ve heard. For a documentary about this club by one of my classmates Jonathon check out his blog.

There are so many resources out there. So get out there, and get cycling!

Bike at RMIT by Tessa Mudge

David Stanley- Talent

25 09 2009

David is a technician at RMIT in the media school. He fixes, restores and modifies bikes as a hobby. He’s got quite a collection, including a very special modified bike. It’s metallic blue, has two BMX frames joined together, a small wheel at the front, bigger wheel at the back, big chopper handle bars…and a fluffy zebra print seat cover.

Along with this he has some vintage bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes.

After I had a crash on Swanston st (pedestrian with a death wish), David offered to look my bike over for damage. And from here I discovered just how appropriate he would be to interview for an episode on bikes.

He gives some great insight into the Melbourne bike scene and answers lots of questions I had as a novice cyclist.

David also has his own podcast, Stanley vs Koshowko a “radio style battle between 2 DJ’s” Check it out on iTunes or their website.

Bikes by Tessa Mudge