Welcome to The Melbourne Dérive

25 06 2009

The Melbourne Dérive is a blog to support the podcast series by the same name.

The podcast will take you through, around, over, under, and inside different parts of Melbourne life.

The word ‘dérive’ in the title comes from the theory of psychogeography which begun in France in the 1950’s. There are many different modern interprretations of the theory. I’ll be using it to guide my exploration of Melbourne.

A dérive is about wandering around your urban environment and going off the beaten path a little. It’s translation from French is ‘drift’.

Wikipedia describes it as an attempt at analysis of the totality of everyday life, through the passive movement through space.”

For a modern take on how to take a dérive Mookychick offers some practical advice.

Keith Bassett gets his class in the UK to go to Paris and revive the dérive of old, he discusses it in “Walking as an Aesthetic Practice and a Critical Tool: Some Psychogeographic Experiments”.

So I’ll be drifting around Melbourne, talkig to people, taking photos and discovering a few things about this city I live in.

This will be done as part of an Honours project at RMIT. So I’ll be documenting my journey in my other blog if you want to see the self-reflexive side of the project.




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