Episode 4: Art

28 08 2009

This episode is all about art in Melbourne. Exhibitions, sculpture, galleries. I chat to an assistant curator at ACMI and my classmates in Honours about their impressions of the Len Lye exhibition.

Episode 4


Fiona Trigg- Talent

28 08 2009

I met up with Fiona Trigg, an assistant curator at ACMI.

Some of Fiona’s favourite places to experience art in Melbourne is the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Southbank.

She also likes walking around the alleyways and going down Flinders Lane, to check out smaller galleries. She mentions in the podcast that people could use their lunch breaks to explore the city a little more.

Another favourite gallery is The Nicholas Building on Swanston st.

Yellow Peril, or officially known as Vault is a favourite sculpture of Fiona’s, despite it’s bad rep. It’s outside the ACCA at the moment, but has moved around a little since its creation.

By Sills bend from Wikimedia Commons

By Sills bend from Wikimedia Commons

For those who don’t go to exhibitions much, maybe use your Saturday afternoon to go explore. Or Next Wave festival is worth checking out, an easy way to see lots of new work by emerging artists.

Her main advice is to go to exhibitions and galleries now. They are normally only around for a limited time. I agree, I’m always putting everything on my To Do list, but that is one sure way that they don’t get done!

Warrence and Michael- talent

26 08 2009

Warrence and Michael are both bartenders in Melbourne.

Warrence is originally from Mauritius, and now works at the Carlton Yacht Club.

Favourite cocktail he’s made is made with tequila, a type of bitters I can’t spell (listen to the podcast), pomegranate syrup and pink grapefruit.

Michael is originally from Brisbane and now works at Blue Diamond.

His favourite cocktail at the moment is a Sazerac, the worlds first cocktail, first made in New Orleans.

It has cognac, Peychaud’s bitters, sugar and a lemon twist.

Where to find the recommended cocktail bars

26 08 2009

If you want to go to a great cocktail bar in Melbourne, try some of the places recommended by everyone I talked to on Episode 6.

By Dennis Mojado from Wikimedia Commons

By Dennis Mojado from Wikimedia Commons

Sahil Merchant-Talent

24 08 2009

Sahil, with Ravi and Suchi started Mag Nation in new Zealand. They now have five stores and are contemplating world domination…or it would be fun anyway.

As the website says, “All the girls who work at mag nation are gorgeous. All the boys have big schlongs.” So what’s stopping you?

Sahil writes a blog. And there’s been lots of press about this particular retail store and why it works.

Check out DYNAMIC business or australian anthill for some interviews.

There’s even a facebook page!

Anyway, since this podcast is about what to do in Melbourne during a spare hour, and I have spent a spare hour or two at Mag Nation, I decided to have a chat.

Recomended art spots

21 08 2009

Here are some of the places recommended in the podcast.

  • Salvador Dali at the National Gallery of Victoria
By reuvenim on Creative Commons

By reuvenim on Creative Commons

From Creative Commons

By ofey from Creative Commons

By woowoowoo on Creative Commons

By woowoowoo on Creative Commons

ACMI free exhibition

21 08 2009

The Len Lye exhibition is on now at ACMI, and it’s free!

ACMI is having a bit of work done, but is still operating as normal.

Construction at ACMI- Tessa Mudge

I went down with my Honours classmates to have a look. And it was very impressive. I didn’t know much about Len Lye, but he’s a man worth finding out about.

He has some amazing sculptures, most are quite simple and incorporate sound and movement.

Wikipedia gives you some of his background and a description of his work.

Here’s an example of some of his work. The work in the exhibition is of course much smaller. But he intended many of his designs to be built to these sort of sizes.

By H.Klueche under Creative Commons

By H.Klueche under Creative Commons

ACMI is doing a fair bit of advertising for it, so I’m sure you’ll see the flags around.