Rosina Lamberti- talent

25 09 2009

Rosina is a photographer, among other things. She does weddings, architecture, kids, and most importantly for this podcast, graffiti!

I found her on Red Bubble, a site to share and sell your art work.

Rosina had been photographing graffiti around Melbourne for quite a few years. Some of the shots are progressive, showing the changes to the art over time. Others have the artists standing in front of them, which is what I like the most, you rarely get to see who’s behind some of the great graffiti out there.

Here’s one called “Proud” of a female artist which captures an interesting expression.

Since Rosina has been immersed in this scene for some time, and has met quite a lot of the artists as well, I decided she would be a great person to have a chat to, and gain a little insight into the Melbourne graffiti scene.

by paradoxiko*beck*'s from flickr creative commons




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