Episode 8: Graffiti

25 09 2009

In this episode I explored the Melbourne graffiti scene. I met up with a photographer who takes progressive shots of graffiti. And I talked to some locals about their favourite spots for graffiti.

Episode 8


Best graffiti spots

25 09 2009

Here is where you can go to find some pretty amazing graffiti around Melbourne. Also if you keep your eyes open wherever you live you’re sure to spot some great pieces. I live in Brunswick and I’m always seeing street art I’ve never noticed before. Railway lines are a hot spot too.

I’ve included some photos from Flickrs Creative Commons for a bit of inspiration of what’s out there.

  • Hosier Lane off Flinders St, map

by baddogwhiskas from flickr creative commons

by baddogwhiskas from flickr creative commons

  • Union Lane off Little Collins st, map

by baddogwhiskas from flickr creative commons- Fitzroy

  • E55 is a basement cafe/bar with graffiti everywhere, check out the toilets in particular

by baddogwhiskas from flickr creative commons taken  in Fitzroy

Electric Graffiti by Donald Mudge

Electric Graffiti by Donald Mudge

Rosina Lamberti- talent

25 09 2009

Rosina is a photographer, among other things. She does weddings, architecture, kids, and most importantly for this podcast, graffiti!

I found her on Red Bubble, a site to share and sell your art work.

Rosina had been photographing graffiti around Melbourne for quite a few years. Some of the shots are progressive, showing the changes to the art over time. Others have the artists standing in front of them, which is what I like the most, you rarely get to see who’s behind some of the great graffiti out there.

Here’s one called “Proud” of a female artist which captures an interesting expression.

Since Rosina has been immersed in this scene for some time, and has met quite a lot of the artists as well, I decided she would be a great person to have a chat to, and gain a little insight into the Melbourne graffiti scene.

by paradoxiko*beck*'s from flickr creative commons

Episode 7: Cheap food

25 09 2009

In this episode I had a talk with Bhakta dasa, a Hare Krishna priest. The Hare Krishna temple offers free food at their St Kilda temple, and $5 concession meals at Crossways. I vox popped some Melburnians to see where else is good to go for a cheap feed.

Episode 7

Cheap places to fill your tummy

25 09 2009

Eating cheaply has been a continuous pursuit of mine since I moved to Melbourne… and closer to the poverty line as a full-time student. I love eating out, but not all restaurants are suitable for a $5, $10 or $20 budget. Here are some recommend in the podcast, or that I personally recommend.

  • Crossways, map

Crossways by Tessa Mudge

  • Gopals, map
  • Shanghai Dumpling, map

Dumplings and Maccas by Tessa Mudge

  • Classic Curry Company, map
  • Vegie Bar, map
  • Bimbo’s Deluxe, map
  • Maccas (I don’t really support this one)
  • Don Don’s, map

Don Don's by Tessa Mudge

  • Quan 88, map
  • Sushi- everywhere!

    Sushi by Tessa Mudge

Bhakta dasa- talent

25 09 2009

I’ve been eating at Crossways since I moved to Melbourne. As an impoverished student $5 for all you can eat is the best deal around for lunch. So when I decided to do a podcast about eating on the cheap, Crossways seemed like a good place to start.

So I organised to interview Bhakta dasa, a priest at the Hare Krishna temple in South Melbourne.

Hare Krishna by Tessa Mudge

He gave me some insight into the Hare Krishna religion, and why they have projects like Crossways.

I met him at the temple in St Kilda. A beautiful old building.

Hare Krishna Temple by Tessa MudgeHere’s what to expect when you eat at Crossways:

The Food by Tessa Mudge

It’s all you can drink too with water, cordial and lassi. You scrape your own plate, it’s a bit like being on a school camp!

Clearing Station by Tessa Mudge

This is the dining room, you share tables, so it’s a good chance to meet new people or just people-watch.

Crossways by Tessa Mudge

Episode 6: Cocktails

21 09 2009

This episode is about cocktails in Melbourne. What makes a great one, where the best cocktail bars are, and an inside look at the industry from some bartenders.

Episode 6