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1 10 2009

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting The Melbourne Dérive. For more information abut the project go to the “About” tab above this post.

If you’re interested in a specific episode the best way to check it out is by clicking on the drop-box to the right of this that says “Select Category”.

Each episode has a name so it’s easy to find which one you want.

Feel free to write questions or comments and I’ll get back to you. Enjoy your dérive (drift) around Melbourne.


What I do in my spare hour(s)

9 09 2009

There are many things I like to do in Melbourne when I find I have an hour to myself. I really like E55 which is a bar/cafe on, wait for it…55 Elizabeth street.  Makes sense hey? They have internet and I think it’s either free or cheap if you buy a coffee. A55lso lots of comfy couches to sink into and read gig guides on. Or just grab a wine and gaze at all the graffiti art hanging on the walls. Amazing toilets also.

Another one I do, is to go down to Safeway in Melbourne Central and buy a punnet of strawberries, or either delicious fruit, and sit in Flagstaff Gardens, or the Carlton Gardens, or any gardens! And then I people watch. I bring fruit because I love it, and also I feel a bit less creepy watching people if  I have a reason for being there. Because I’m eating it’s then ok to be sitting on the grass and watching all the people go by. At least that’s my reasoning anyway.

By Pat M2007 from Flickr Creative Commons

By Pat M2007 from Flickr Creative Commons

The next one I love doing is going into Myer or any other store that has an electrical department with massage machines and massage chairs for you to try out. I can spend a long time “testing out” all the chairs very thoroughly. I always feel like a shop assistant is going to come and tell me to stop playing with them, and then I remember I’m not nine-years-old anymore. As an adult you have a right to do such things. Because technically you could actually buy one. A very relaxing hour. Plus you don’t have to pay $5 like a chump.

By Lorenia from Flickr Creative Commons

By Lorenia from Flickr Creative Commons

This one has a similar guilty feeling as the previous hour-filler. Because it’s going into pet stores and looking at all the cute little animals. Sometimes you can pretend you are thinking of buying one and they even let you hold them. This is probably about a 15 minute activity, unless you do a pet shop crawl across the city.

By Daniel Greene from Flickr Creative Commons

By Daniel Greene from Flickr Creative Commons

Another thing to do is to go to a park and do some stretches. It feels sooo good and if you can get over the feeling that people might be looking at you thinking you’re a bit strange, it’s a  nice way to fill in time. You can also do a bit of meditation/napping at the end, especially if it’s a nice sunshiney day.

By Rebecca Anne from Flickr Creative Commons

By Rebecca Anne from Flickr Creative Commons

There you go, there are many, many more ideas out there. But don’t sit and grumble if you’re friends going to be an hour late, or you miss the bus/train, or your meeting gets cancelled. Go be a creepy fruit-eating-people-watcher. Or be the weirdo doing stretches in the middle of a busy park. Kidding! Make the most of your time. There’s too much to do and see and hear and taste to be wasting any spare hour.

Episode 3: Markets

7 08 2009

The third podcast. Come with me to visit my favourite market in Melbourne, The Rose Street Artist Markets. I talk to one of the organisers as well as to stall holders. There are suggestions about what other markets are worth exploring in Melbourne.

Episode 3

Episode 2: Coffee

7 08 2009

This is the second episode. All about coffee, learn what it is that makes you love it so much. I interviewed Maria who is a local expert on all things coffee. There are vox pops about where to find the best coffee in Melbourne.

Episode 2

Episode 1: Second-Hand Clothes

7 08 2009

This is the first podcast. It is all about second hand clothing in Melbourne. I attended My Sisters Wardrobe, an event where you swap your old clothes! There is an interview with one of the organisers, chats people who attended and vox pops about where to go for the best vintage stuff.

Episode 1

Useful links for second-hand clothes

3 08 2009

For the second-hand clothes aficionado, bargain hunter and vintage lover here are a few places to check out to expand your wardrobe.

Check out the Australia Recycled Clothing Guide, a local guide to recyled clothing outlets. Very comprehensive!

Carousel Recycle is kind of like a boutique op shop. Worth checking out if you’re getting frustrated at wading through too much crap at Savers.

A blog called “I OP therefore I am” is sure to have some good tips. Great local knowledge fro Melbourne op shoppers.

Retro Star is good to just go to look at. It is a cornucopia of cool retro stuff. Amazing.

Only Melbourne has a good directory for second-hand clothes.

Vogue forums tell you where to find vintage designer clothing.

Good luck!

Coffee stuff

3 08 2009
If you want to talk to other keen coffee drinkers about everything from tamping techniques to a recipe for an affogato, then go to Food, Wine & Coffee.

Top 100 Espresso has some very interesting statistics. Here are a few of them:
Coffee statistics show that coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.

Coffee industry statistics show that only 20% of harvested coffee beans are considered to be a premium bean of the highest quality.

Coffee market statistics show that coffee is grown commercially in over 45 countries around the world.

Coffee trade statistics show that over 5 million people in Brazil are employed by the coffee trade; most of those are involved with the cultivation and harvesting of more than 3 billion coffee plants.

Coffee consumption statistics show that coffee represents 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the United States.

(I wonder if that’s going down with the energy drink craze that’s been happening?)

As with everything, Wikipedia has a wealth of information on the subject of coffee.

If you want to know about some of the dryer side of the industry go to the Australian Coffee Traders Association.

Or just listen to the podcast, and you’ll know a little more about your next espresso or cafe latte.