David Stanley- Talent

25 09 2009

David is a technician at RMIT in the media school. He fixes, restores and modifies bikes as a hobby. He’s got quite a collection, including a very special modified bike. It’s metallic blue, has two BMX frames joined together, a small wheel at the front, bigger wheel at the back, big chopper handle bars…and a fluffy zebra print seat cover.

Along with this he has some vintage bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes.

After I had a crash on Swanston st (pedestrian with a death wish), David offered to look my bike over for damage. And from here I discovered just how appropriate he would be to interview for an episode on bikes.

He gives some great insight into the Melbourne bike scene and answers lots of questions I had as a novice cyclist.

David also has his own podcast, Stanley vs Koshowko a “radio style battle between 2 DJ’s” Check it out on iTunes or their website.

Bikes by Tessa Mudge